Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair

Today, the need for quality hair extensions is more than ever. Women across the globe report hair loss as one of the major reasons as to why they opt for quality hair extensions. There are various types of hair extensions available in different forms. One such hair extension is made from Malaysian Hair.

Malaysian Hair, in general, gives a very luxurious feel to it because of its excessive shine, so whenever you need to make your look more royal then Malaysian virgin hair extensions are the best. The lustrousness is that of high to medium and after few washes the shininess is reduced and gives a natural look and luster which is low to medium. Because Malaysian hair is silkier and softer than Brazilian hair, it gives women that elegant wave when it is wet.

At Lene Hair, we manufacture and supply the best Malaysian virgin hair extensions that are of highest quality at cheaper and affordable prices. This type of hair extension blends really well with women belonging to African American hairy and similar other hair types as well. We follow strict industry standards and the hair extensions are made from 100% natural Malaysian virgin human hair, where the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. We supply Malaysian hair extensions to 500+ hair salons across the US, Canada, UK, Malaysia, China, and other major countries globally.

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