5 Reasons why women really go for Brazilian hair extensions?

5 Reasons why women really go for Brazilian virgin hair extensions

In today’s time, over 95% of female hair loss is due to androgenetic reasons which are hormonal. Then the hair loss is also due to stress, inadequate nutrition, surgery, and congenital conditions. This results in thinning of hair drastically and at times even baldness. In a recent study, it said that 29% of women suffering from hair loss have two or more symptoms of depression.

Hair extensions, especially for women in this regard, have had a major impact over the years. Though there are hair treatments available, not everybody could afford them, and the treatment results are not guaranteed. Hence, hair extensions are the best possible solution, which seamlessly integrates with your hair to add volume or length.

Not only people who suffer from hair loss opt for these extensions but also people with good natural hair go for these extensions just to look good and change their hairstyle time and again to match their current style and fashion trend.

Find below the top five reasons why women go for Brazilian hair extensions

  • 1. Brazilian hair extensions are the best

    There are many hair extension types on the market, but the Brazilian human hair extension is one of the best. They are popular across the globe and there are different types of Brazilian human hair extensions in the form of straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, and curly to suit different women having different requirements from their hair extensions.

  • 2. It is a long-term solution

    When you are going for hair extensions, it is best you choose quality Brazilian Virgin hair extensions rather than cheap hair extensions which will not provide any satisfactory results. But, Brazilian hair extensions are one of the best human hair extensions that one can purchase. So, if you are looking for lustrous and healthy hair locks, then Brazilian hair extensions is the right choice for you.

  • 3. Brazilian hair is naturally superior

    The Brazilian hair is thick and strong and is superior to all other hair extensions out there in the market. These Brazilian hair extensions can withstand significant damage or pressure over a period of time. They can also be used as either Virgin straight hair or natural body wave by just wetting the hair. Brazilian hair has that natural wave, so just by wetting the hair you can opt for the curl or straighten them out get that natural wave as and when required.

  • 4. Awesome Styling Versatility with Brazilian Hair Extensions

    There is a reason why many fashion supermodels are from Brazil. Yes, they are drop dead gorgeous but, it is their natural hair that complements their stunning beauty. Over the years, fashion designers and hair stylists love to work with Brazil models is due to their beautiful manes which be styled as they want. Hence, Brazilian hair extensions with little touch ups can give you that ultimate look that you crave for, and improve hair volumes and length as and when required.

  • 5. An Affordable solution for your hair problems

    Gone are the days when hair extensions were only used by people who could afford them. Today, these hair extensions have become more affordable and everybody could use these natural hair extensions to look good. One of the most popular types of Brazilian hair extensions is the “Body Wave” type which due to its versatility gives you to change your style accordingly by just going with straight, wavy, and even curly for that matter.

At Lene Hair, we believe women should always look beautiful, and in this regard, we source natural virgin hairs from countries such as Brazil, Malaysia, India and other places. Lene Hair is a China-based hair extensions manufacturer, supplier, and exporter that has been serving clients worldwide. We offer 100% Virgin Remy hair weaves that includes straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave and curly hairs. With years of industry experience and expertise, we are one of the few specialized companies that dedicate time to research, development, and production of human hair extensions.

About LeneHair

Lene Hair, a reputed and known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Virgin Human Hair located in Guangzhou, China, is serving a long list of satisfied customers across the globe. It offers 100% human virgin Brazilian hair which includes straight hair, body wave hair, loose wave hair, and curly hairs. With the years of experience, the company has been specialized in the research, development, production, sale, and service of human hair extensions.

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