Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair

With the great demand for hair extensions globally, Brazilian hair extensions have emerged as one of the popular choices among women who are looking to enhance their looks, style, and fight hair loss problems. By having Brazilian virgin hair extension, you can get the look that you want within minutes.

There are two different types of Brazilian hair extensions, one which is virgin natural human hair, and the other which is non-virgin human hair. The difference between the both is that non-virgin hair extension is chemically treated, dyed, and colored to give them that natural look. However, virgin hair extensions are untouched and they are in their natural state, which is soft, thick, beautiful, and strong. Hence, Brazilian virgin hair extensions usually cost more than non-virgin hair extensions.

At Lene Hair, we manufacture and supply Brazilian hair extensions that are free from chemical processing and are not altered by dye, bleach, perm, and hard washes, which ensures the tips and the roots much stronger and the hair extension is more durable. Our Brazilian hair extensions are thick, silky, smooth, soft, which gives it a natural and lustrous gloss. We provide cheap Brazilian hair extensions in various types such as straight, curly, body wave, and loose wave type to ensure you get that perfect look. We supply Brazilian virgin hair extensions to 500+ hair salons across the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, China, and other major countries globally.

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