Posted on : 30 January 2018

Regardless of the ethnicity, a woman’s choice of hair extensions used to be limited to synthetic types of hair only. In present time, many celebrities use this hair accessory to look different every time they appear in public, television shows and videos.

For all that benefits of hair extensions, some women don’t know what hair types they should look for. Undoubtedly, nothing beats the appearance natural locks have. Malaysian hair is defined as all natural which allows the process of making extension to preserve the cuticles of the hair without disturbing its pattern of natural growth.

For women who are interested in purchasing weaves, it’s important to learn about Remy bundles and their synthetic counterparts in order to decide on the best product. Hair sourced from Malaysia is similar to Indian Remy hair in density. Since it’s thick and straight, it works as the best option for those who have experienced hair tangling problem in the past.

Characteristically, Malaysian Remy hair is perhaps the best option to choose when buying hair extensions. This type of hair is obtained from temples located in different villages of Malaysia where women with long beautiful hair give their locks as the gesture of thanking God. Many beauty brands purchase these tresses to make hair extensions, bundles, wigs etc.

There are many brands that deal in Malaysian hair wefts in various countries. No matter what brand you opt for buying hair wefts, it is very important that you acquire good quality product to avoid being dejected.

Some of the advantages of using Malaysian hair extensions are listed below:

  • Since Malaysian Remy hair is directly obtained from the head of Malaysian women in a ponytail form, they remain in straight form without any tangling. This human hair is famous for its natural look, striking shine, great softness, natural luster, and less or zero tangling.

  • Malaysian hair is naturally soft, shiny and healthy. It comes with an extraordinary luxurious feel and naturally thick appearance. Be it American or African, these locks blend extremely well with most hair types which makes it one of the best hair extensions available on the market.

  • The locks from Malaysia have always been in consideration of most women when it comes to choose the best hair extensions. It has the high quality hair texture, lustrous and silky natural appearance. This hair type is very popular in those who want to enhance their looks with soft and shiny hair wefts.

  • Furthermore, hair sourced from Malaysia comes in both straight and curly locks so you can get whatever style you want to. Unlike other hair types, Malaysian hair doesn't get curly when wet and may have a slight wavy appearance after shampooing. However, its texture has a tendency to remain straight with full volume and bounce.

  • This type of weaves can be purchased from almost anywhere around the world. They have been one of the most favorite choices for many celebrities and working women. With less or zero tangling feature, Malaysian wefts are the first choice for many users.

  • They have natural color resembling of African-American women. Additionally, these wefts are available in both handmade and machine wefted because of being less bulky in their composition.

  • Like other hair types, these weaves come in various lengths allowing you to choose the right one for your needs. Depending on your face shape and body, purchase the appropriate length which can complement your personal styling.

  • The texture and pattern of this hair type allow you to opt for the style you want to obtain for all kinds of occurring in your life such as an office party or a wedding reception.

  • The Malaysian hair is also an excellent choice for women who express their love for curly hair.

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