Posted on : 28 February 2018

Hair not only improves your overall outlook, but also builds your confidence. If you are bald, do not worry as hair closers are available, which allow you to show off your style. Available in different shapes and materials, the closures are used with full sewn in weaves. Placed at the top of the head, the closures can give the users a natural looking scalp/part. Whether you should you use a closure or not, which completely depends on what look you are trying to achieve. If you use it, then you must know how to take care of it so that it lasts longer.

A bit precaution not only help you improve life span of your hair closures, but also maintain their natural look. One of the main reasons of getting the closures damaged is when they are exposed to the elements or rubbed with other objects. So, make sure you take care of them and store your closure in a dust-free box. Ensure that they do not rub with other objects. Excess heat is dangerous, so avoid it as well. Wash them properly to avowing any damage.

Tips to wash your Hair Closures

When washing hair closures, you need to take proper care in order to keep their beauty intact. Whether you use silk or lace hair closure types, you need to take proper care as closure could get damaged due to balding. Balding takes place when a spot on your closure loses its hair strands. Therefore, you are advised to take proper care when washing them.

Comb to tangle free:

Comb the hair using a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb before washing in order to make them tangle free. Do it from roots to end without putting force.

Use mild shampoo:

Avoid applying different kind of gels, lotions, oils or mousse since these can cause tangles and damage the hairs. Use mild shampoo only.

Soak in water to clear up:

Use fresh water to soak your hair closures. Make sure they do not get in touch with elements or rubbed with other objects.

Use hair conditioners:

There are many hair conditioners are available in the market, try to use mild conditioners only. Comb the hair from the starting to end way up to the root. Hold the hair tight at the root while combing to avoid tension.

Again soak in fresh water and squeeze:

Rinse thoroughly with water and condition it. Wash your hair closure at least 2 times once a month to ensure longevity and shining.

Absorb the water:

Absorbing the water is the last step for washing your hair closures. Once you make the day dry, it gets read for reinstallation.

Final thoughts

Hope these tips will work to maintain your hair closures. You should treat your hair closure as your naturally-given hair. It needs a lot of care and attention. If you do not care it, it will get damaged. Your hair closure helps you to improve your overall personality. Proper care and maintenance will make it last for three to four months or more. There are many companies offering the hair closures, you should choose a reputed hair closures supplier and known one for guaranteed items.

About LeneHair:

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