Posted on : 7 February 2018

Many times we get inspired to see our favorite film stars and celebrities with different hairstyles every time they appear on the screen. It seems they are so easily switching from an ombre wave to plain straight long hairstyle or dense curls.

You might wonder how they so easily achieve a new look. The answer is hair extensions and wefts. If you too are willing to experiment with this accessory that has taken the world of hair and beauty by storm, it is very easy. Everyone can enjoy the luxury of hair because it is convenient and affordable.

With the help of hair extensions, you can get the reflection of the glamorous world in your own personality. Whether it’s an office party, wedding reception, engagement or cocktail party, a head full of extensions can aid you to turn heads and become the center of attention.

However, you might be confused about which hair extensions you should go for. Underneath are two of the most popular hair types so you know more about them and choose one accordingly.

Peruvian Hair vs Malaysian Hair

Peruvian Hair

Generally, Peruvian hair comes in dark or light brown colors, and sometimes, in a slight blonde shade as well. Like Indian locks, hair from Peru is one of the most popular hair types that are known for their softness, silkiness and natural look. Peruvians have a variety of hair textures from natural straight to curly and wavy. Their hair is slightly coarser and denser than those hairs from Malaysia and India. It can blend increasingly well with tranquil hair pattern.

Unlike Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair has a much softer texture which usually hampers holding curls for a longer period of time. They are the best to obtain a natural hairstyle

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is usually obtained from the villages of the country where women sell their hair to the wig making companies. Apart from that, this type of hair comes from various temples in Malaysia just like Remy hair is taken from Indian temples.

When it comes to accessibility, the Malaysian hair is a considered to be a new addition to the market and so, is more expensive than Chinese or Indian hair extensions.

While they can appear too shiny in first place, their shining starts lessening after a couple of washes and thereby allowing the appearance blend into a more natural look. With a beautiful natural shine, they are heavier and thicker than Peruvian hair.

If you like to wear curly hair extensions, Malaysian hair is the best choice. Their curls have a tendency to last all day and staying in the shape without being dropped and loosen. One of the best things for this hair type is that it doesn’t require any hair product to maintain the shape so you must avoid oily sprays to prevent a wig like look.

with straight and soft long locks. Peruvian hair type is the best option for those who want coarser locks to stay in style.


Hair extensions have transformed the idea of hairstyling into a completely luxurious meaning. When it comes to choosing the best hair for achieving a lifelike appearance with style, both Malaysian and Peruvian hairs are some of the amazing hair types in the world. They are sourced directly from the head of the donors and offer a 100 percent natural appearance. Furthermore, both the hair types can exceptionally blend with American and African hairs and are in a highly increasing demand. Although, both the types hold a slight difference in their characteristics, the final choice will depend on the hairdo you want to achieve for your own style.

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