Posted on : 19 January 2018

Peruvian hair weaves are a very popular choice of women who want something lightweight, shiny and soft. However, one of the top reasons why they are preferred is due to the fact that they look completely natural and can provide you a realistic look once they are put in. Not everyone wants to broadcast the fact that they are wearing hair weaves and going for Peruvian extensions lets you cover up this fact. But, the key to wearing Peruvian hair weaves and ensuring they last for a long time is proper care and maintenance. As long as you manage them the right way, you will be able to wear your Peruvian hair weaves for a long time.

Here are some tips that can aid you in this purpose to wear Peruvian hair weaves:

  1. Removing any tangles from your Peruvian hair weaves should be your first priority. Use a wide-toothed comb for combing through them as this will get rid of any tangles.

  2. Once you have detangled your hair, you should take a type of natural oil, whether it is olive oil or coconut oil, and apply it to your natural hair and scalp. Apply the oil to all the portion of your natural hair including your hairline and the hair on your nape and crown.

  3. Dampen your Peruvian hair weaves by misting your hair with water through a spray bottle. You should ensure the hair is wet and damp and comb them again with a wide-toothed comb.

  4. Now, take your favorite deep conditioning masque or treatment and apply it to the Peruvian hair weaves and natural hair. In order to saturate the weave thoroughly, you need to use an ample amount of conditioner. When you are done with the application, clip your hair and cover it with a shower cap.

  5. Keep the shower cap on for at least an hour before washing the hair. You can get the best results if you opt for a sulfate-free and pure shampoo and conditioner.

  6. Towel dry your hair after washing and then apply your favorite natural oil and straightening balm. The key here is to ensure that the products are thoroughly distributed throughout your extensions and real hair.

  7. Blow dry your hair. Remember that this might be a bit time consuming as you want to dry all of the Peruvian hair weaves.

  8. When you are done with drying, brush through the Peruvian hair weaves again to remove any tangles or knots and then apply a leave-in conditioner to the weaves and your natural hair.

  9. Go over your hair again with a blow dryer lightly. The leave-in conditioner will set in your hair with the heat from your blow dryer and also allow it to penetrate your scalp.

  10. Brush your Peruvian hair weaves again and add your favorite oil to them. Divide your hair into two sections down the middle and place your part as per your desire.

  11. Now you can add your favorite setting foam or lotion and then braid both sections into a large French braid. This enables you to establish any curl or weave pattern in the Peruvian hair weaves. Avoid braiding if you want a straight look. In this case, wrapping the hair around your head and keeping it secure with bobby pins and clips is recommended.

Following these tips will assist you in wearing your Peruvian hair weaves for a long time. These steps help in keeping the weaves as well as your natural hair clean and refreshed. You can do this washing routine before going to bed and your Peruvian hair weaves will be all styled in the morning.

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