Posted on : 17 February 2018

Body wave hairs are designed perfectly for their meticulous use. The manufacturers prepare them with quality raw materials. Reputed brands use 100% human hair to come up with the standard and quality waves for their apt usage. Mere having branded or quality clip-in body hair won’t do. Equal focus should be on knowing how to do that for your natural appearance.

Steps for Clip-in Body Wave Hair Fitting

First of all, go for the options to make selection of only A grade quality Clip-in Body Waves. Added benefit of such stuffs is that they are professionally manufactured so they do remain perfect choice. You are also provided with user guidelines. In case you aren’t comfortable to use them for the first time better approach the salons to get professional help, if required. Here are important steps you should take:

Choose required size:

Standard body waves usually come in the sizes of 20" long measurement with width of approximately 39 inches. Keep the requirement in mind while exploring them to find out suitable option.

Read user manual carefully:

All Clip-in Body Wave Hairs or especially those from human hair extensions categories are available with user manuals. Understand the user manual to know techniques as to how you use them yet frequently change the hairstyle.

Perform hair brushing:

Don’t forget brushing Clip-in Body Wave Hairs to keep that right in order. By doing so, you will be able to place hair smoothly. You will also be able to integrate wave pieces carefully through regular brushing.

Use suitable combs:

Make it compulsory to use combs which suit to manage the waves carefully. There is no dearth of combs to find from the variety of options.

Clip placing:

Place clips properly by managing Clip-in Body Wave from the bottom. It can ease proper tracking and snap shut thus remain helpful to make your fashion statement.

Additional tracks:

If needed, have extra tracks to keep the back of your hair right in order thus well managed. It brings layered affect when different tracks are used systematically. To have seamless hair styling, keep smaller pieces sideways and the rest thereafter.

Managing & Styling of Hair

Those of you willing to make Clip-in Body Wave truly mesmerizing in style and for nice appearance should equally focus on managing them minutely. Styling is one factor and managing them at the same juncture endures usage. You can have them for more time through doing little efforts. To manage them carefully, take following steps to preserve their luster and silkiness:

  • Practice regular washing
  • Manage carefully
  • Smoothen their texture
  • Prefer conditioning shampoos
  • Use hair sprays or gels


It goes without saying that Clip-in Body Wave is unique for use to showcase style. What matters in them is effectiveness of usage. Being natural and chemical-free stuff, they are easily washable, cut and even curled or straightened as per one’s choice. You can dye them to retain their naturalness. Everything depends on how meticulously you use Clip-in Body Wave to make others feel your comfort and style statement.

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