Posted on : 11 January 2018

Hair, since time immemorial, has been one of the most important ways of adorning oneself. In the contemporary culture too, everyone around the world seems to be a fashionista in this particular domain. And why not? When there are talks about one's appearance, hairstyles are always the hot topics.

The best available types of hair in present-day are debatable. Sometimes the Brazilian hair takes the lead, while other times it is the Malaysian hair that appears to be the top contender. Well, this topic is arguable, and opinions are meant to be influenced by one's taste and culture.

However, here are few of our unbiased impressions of both hair types:

Brazilian Hair vs Malaysian Hair

Versatility & Texture

Brazilian Hair Extensions:

One thing that the virgin Brazilian hair is known throughout the world is for its versatility. It effortlessly blends with any hair types. It has a natural shine & luster and comes in various textures, which includes straight, wavy and curly. Brazilian hair weaves are the silkier and shinier and endure the wrath of time. Also, if you want to change your hairstyle from let's say straight to wavy, then you can easily do this if you have Brazilian hair bundles at your disposal. It's unique reusability and durability features give it this advantage.

Malaysian Hair Extensions:

Virgin Malaysian hair weave is renowned for its luster, which gives it an advantage over other hair types. However, that doesn't endure the fury of time. If you wash it there is a high probability of waning the luster and shine. Yet, this is not the whole picture of a Malaysian hair bundle. It is actually a lot silkier and softer and retains the curls better than the Brazilian hair. However, with all the unique perks it comes only in natural black and brown color.

The question that you should ask yourself is "What's more important for you? Is it the enduring feature that resists the grip of time and lasts longer or is it the shine and luster that you want?"

Source & Availability

Brazilian Hair Extensions:

Real virgin Brazilian hair is rare, and its accessibility requires a tiring effort of finding donors, which in actuality aren't many. Yet, you may find that the market is swamped with them. How? The reasons are the unscrupulous sales rep of firms that sell the renewed version of Indian hair.

Malaysian Hair Extensions:

The story of virgin Malaysian hair weaves isn’t different from the Brazilian hair weaves. True Malaysian hair is also scarce and finding the donors is quite a task. And as there are no laws, doctrines or regulations, vendors actually label hair of any source as the Malaysian hair extension.


Straight Hair Bundles

Brazilian Straight Hair is great for making lace wigs and sew-ins owing to its tough and thick texture. However, this type of hair bundles is silky with a beautiful softness and full body. It also responds well to heat and is great for styling and generally available in darker shade of color.

Malaysian Straight hair is available in numerous hues and tints varying from light brown to dark brown to nearly black. It has a natural wavy pattern and blends well with any hair types.

Wavy Hair Bundles

Brazilian Wavy Hair is the most popular Brazilian hair, which comes in a variety of natural colors. It is known for its low luster and can hold its natural wavy pattern for a long time.

Malaysian wavy hair is comparatively heavier and thicker than its Brazilian counterpart. It is known for its natural silkiness and has an elegant wave pattern that perfectly blends with any coarse textures.

Curly Hair Bundles

Brazilian Curly Hair is coarse & heavy and mirrors the loose curl markings and pattern of mixed race African & Native Brazilians. This type of hair generally comes in the shades from light brown to black and has a tightly curled texture.

Malaysian Curly hair is thick, coarse and is available with a tight curl pattern, which can hold the curls elegantly without having to use any holding sprays or curling rods.

If you are considering buying any of the hair types, you should always consider buying from a trusted vendor. Virgin Brazilian and Malaysian hair both are great selections when you are looking for buying virgin hair weave. If your preference is a thicker and a coarser hair bundle, then go for the Brazilian hair. Or, if you desire for a soft, lustrous and wavy hair bundle, then clearly Malaysian hair is the best option for you. Either way, these two hair types are the best virgin hair weaves available on the market today.

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