Brazilian Hair

  • 1) 5 Reasons why women really go for Brazilian hair extensions

    In today’s time, over 95% of female hair loss is due to androgenetic reasons which are hormonal. Then the hair loss is also due to stress, inadequate nutrition, surgery, and congenital conditions. This results in thinning of hair drastically and at times even baldness.

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  • 2) 5 Tips to Buy the Best Brazilian Hair Extensions

    oday, hair loss is one of the most common factors for causing depression in women globally. It is said that over 50% of women aged above 65 reports to thinning of hair and close to 21 million women in America alone suffer from some sort of alopecia. Moreover, hair loss in women can lead to low self-esteem and affect their confidence, and deteriorate skin sensitivity

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  • 3) 6 Key benefits of purchasing Brazilian hair extensions through Lene Hair

    inding the right hair extension is crucial for women to make their hair look healthy and add volume to their locks in a seamless manner. Globally there is a great demand for hair extensions from Brazil, Malaysia, and India. Some of the major countries that import hair extensions are the US, UK, and South Africa.

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  • 4) How to use Brazilian hair extensions and take care of them

    Hair extensions are one of the great ways to add length and volume immediately and making it look healthy and thick. Brazilian hair extensions are one of the most sought-after hair extensions after Malaysian and Indian hair extensions which are popular as well.

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